How Inventao is used in school

Inventao helps learners apply systematic inventive methods when confronted with challenging problems. These are proven methods that have been taught in universities for many years, and are in use in the industry. These methods are a projection of the known TRIZ methodology onto the K-12 curriculum. Inventao gamifies the original TRIZ methods in order to make them accessible for young learners.

Gamification of Inventive thinking

While playing with Inventao, students are challenged with problems which require some inventiveness and creativity to solve. Using Inventao’s inventive methods they can systematically search for a solution, often reaching more than one. During the course the students learn and practice each of the inventive methods in turn, until fully assimilating and mastering them. 

Ready courses with lesson plans

The games are accompanied by detailed lesson plans. Each of the lesson plans contains lesson overview, lesson goals, keywords used during the lesson, and a list of the challenge problems the students will encounter in the game, each with a detailed description. 

The lesson plans also include a ‘possible interventions’ section, which helps the teacher forecast difficulties students might encounter during the game, and possible explanations they will need. For the post game, the lesson plan includes a summary and a reflection, where students discuss their problem solutions and compare them.

Adaptive Learning

Inventao supports personal learning, where the game problems are adapted to the student level, determined by their achievements so far. Students with difficulties will get more time and more examples to practice.  Teachers can also track student progress using a dashboard, thus being able to detect and handle those cases where their support is needed.